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About Clarity Speech Therapy

Virginia Van Auken

Hi there! I’m Owner & Lead Speech Therapist, Virginia Van Auken. I delight most in working with children, and have ever since the start of my career in Speech-Language Pathology.  Since earning my SLP Master’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa in 2010, I have served many communities across Iowa, primarily in and near my hometown of Fairfield.  I’m also happy to announce that after having my 3rd baby recently, I welcomed to the Clarity team the lovely, sweet and experienced SLP Christine Riegel (bio & photo in the works!), to take over the direct service piece while my own children are little.  I’m so grateful for the help and I promise that your child is in great hands working with Christine!

Why & What

Why Choose Clarity?  Here, there is time for your child to get what they need, when they need it, in that “just right” way for them.  They’ll feel motivated and remember their new skills better, because it’s all about them!  We customize content and tailor treatment techniques specifically for each and every client, from our pool of what research says works.  We want your child to gain the necessary speech/language skills as quickly and smoothly as possible, while enjoying themselves along the way.

At Clarity, we set aside the time needed to prepare and deliver an extraordinary level of personalization of care within treatment sessions.  Your family deserves the best, and we go that extra mile.  We prioritize quality of care to improve the clarity of speech sounds and accuracy of language structures, so that speakers can experience the inner and outer rewards of successful communication.

What it is: Clarity Speech Therapy is a child-centered private practice in Fairfield, Iowa that provides speech-language evaluation and therapy to individuals with communication challenges.  As your child’s speech therapist, your child’s unique needs and interests are merged with your priorities, through specialized play-based speech-language intervention that relates to their daily lives.

How it Works

During therapy, the therapist aligns special techniques with goal targets that are worked into play, daily routine, and literacy based activities.  This sparks conversations your child helps choose, as we turn talking troubles into triumphs. We start simple and build up from strengths, gradually moving with your child to more complex and independent levels.  It is a vital human need to feel understood, and to be able to express our own choices.  At Clarity Speech Therapy, we help clients learn how to help themselves grow toward that goal.

Clarity Speech Therapy currently caters to helping children with speech/language needs, plus support for their families. The ultimate outcomes of overcoming communication challenges include better safety, health, independence, and more successful academic and social interactions in which wants, needs, feelings and other thoughts can be shared with greater ease & success.

Clarity Services

Personalized & Effective

  • Articulation & Phonology Disorders

    Articulation therapy helps the production of clear speech sounds by teaching how to move the right oral structures in the right ways to shape your airflow and voice.  Phonological therapy retrains perception and production of speech sound error patterns that are no longer age appropriate.  Expect improvement in how clear your child’s speech sounds, first in single words, then in sentences and conversation!

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

    Speech/language therapy for apraxia addresses difficulties your child may have sending messages from their brain to their mouth in a correctly coordinated manner so that sounds are spoken accurately at the right time and in the right order.  The therapist selects skilled cueing types to match the method your child responds to best.

  • Dysfluency Disorders

    The therapist addresses stuttering and related difficulties through fluency enhancing tools, and digs deeper to work through underlying social and emotional pieces as needed.  Tips and tools are shared with you as the caregiver too, so that you know how to help the talking experience feel better for the child even during bumps.

  • Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders

    Language therapy targets listening, processing, and speaking for intended meaning.  It also encompasses non-verbal acts of communication such as sign gestures and picture communication. Language work helps children ask and answer questions, carry on conversations, and apply concepts successfully.

  • Social/Pragmatic Communication Disorders

    Social Communication Skill goals involve learning the social norms of interaction that are expected whenever we talk and listen.  These norms change depending on where we are, and who we are speaking with.  Many learners benefit from special instruction to help better adjust to different speaking contexts.

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“It has been incredible to see my son go from struggling with “F” to a confidence in pronunciation and reading. This truly has been a partnership with his teacher and his speech work via Virginia. We have a child who is truly ready for kindergarten!”

Mandy F.Parent

“I have been blessed to work with Virginia Van Auken for the past few years. She is an outstanding SLP. She is knowledgeable, passionate, and patient. If you know someone needing outside speech services I highly recommend Virginia.”

Janet LeeSpecial Education Teacher

“If your child could use some extra speech/language help, I highly recommend my friend Virginia! She’s knowledgeable, thorough, and passionate!”

Stephanie ChalupaAEA Speech-Language Pathologist

Let’s Talk About It

The most important part is you!

I’m happy for the opportunity to serve my beloved Fairfield community and others nearby. I’m finally responding to the messages my heart has been sending for a long time.  I’m eager to meet the needs of those children in our community who are struggling daily to have their feelings known and their words recognized by their listeners.

–Virginia Van Auken


Please let us know how we can help.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping your child find clarity through establishing basic communication skills in fun and engaging ways.

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